DEAWP Workshops & Lectures

currently we don't have workshops or lectures scheduled. You are welcome to attend our monthly meetings to hear our scheduled presentations from professionals in the energy efficiency field. click here to see our presenters.

Past Seminar:

Integrating Energy Upgrades Into the Remodeling Process: Class 1

February 21, 2013 - 8am-10am at the Pittsburgh Green House - 308 North Sheridan Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Remodeling presents a unique opportunity to change the character of a home - why not upgrade the comfort and performance of the house at the same time?

This seminar will explore the process of pre-testing the systems and building to determine current deficiencies with a Diagnostic Energy Audit and integrating energy and integrating energy and comfort improvements into the remodeling process. The results can be much more satisfying to all, then you include Health, Safety, Comfort and Energy Efficiency into the upgrading of the home.

Instructor: Rhett Major, The Energy Doctor -

Cost: $75 per person

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