1. How does a diagnostic audit differ from what my insulation/ window/ furnace salesman tells me I need?

Most Energy Auditors are independent diagnosticians - they are not looking to sell you a product. There is an old saying, "If all you sell is hammers, everything looks like a nail." 

An diagnostic auditor is more like a good physician who looks for causes to treat, not just symptoms.
An independent energy evaluation can diagnose your issues correctly, and send you to the right sources to help fix what is wrong.

2. What does an Energy Audit cost?

While every auditor is independent, and can charge what ever he or she wants, the average full diagnostic audit in the US is about $400.00. This allows for a well  trained and BPI credentialed auditor to spend 3 to 4 hours in home looking for safety and efficiency issues, and also time to prepare a comprehensive report for each customer.

3. What is a diagnostic Energy Audit?

A diagnostic energy audit (or home performance testing), is a unique service that evaluates your home’s energy efficiency as well as your HVAC system, and provides a customized list of cost effective improvements specific to your home and lifestyle. 

When you schedule a home energy audit, TA DEAWP member will conduct a detailed survey of your home using advanced diagnostic testing equipment to determine what problems may exist, and where your energy dollars are being wasted.