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BPI's Building Science Principles Seminar

Jumpstart your career with BPI's Building Science Principles Certificate of Knowledge

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Date: August 12th & 13th       Time: 8:30am-5:00pm     

Location: The Ann Jones Gerace Center 64 S. 14th St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203 Free Parking Available

Do you work in the residential building trades? If so, basic building science knowledge is critical to your success. Building Science Principles® demonstrates how nature's laws (physics) and various components of the home interact to affect the home's overall performance. Learn how all of these systems affect the comfort, health and safety of occupants and the durability of the home.

This 2-day seminar will be led by Rhett Major, The Energy Doctor, a local professional with over 28 years of experience in building science & energy efficiency in the building trades. He holds Certifications from BPI, RESNET, & USGBC, and brings real world experience to the subjects he teaches.

All students will receive a hardcopy of Building Science Principles Reference Guide published by the Building Performance Institute (BPI).

After the class, students will have the opportunity to take BPI's on-line BSP test for an additional $80.00 (a $99 value).

Successful testers will receive a BPI Building Science Principles Certificate of Knowledge, and 6 CEU's.

Building Science Principles Seminar

Topics Covered:

Principles of Thermodynamics • Basics of Heat Transport • Basics of Airflow & Infiltration • Building Structural Elements • Moisture and Moisture Control • Insulation Basics • Mechanical Systems & Ventilation • Combustion Safety • Blower Door Diagnostics • Health & Safety Issues • Conservation Strategies

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Hosted By: Conservation Consultants, Incorporated

Have Questions? Call the Energy Doctor 724-863-5986 or click here to register.


Past Event: BPI Building Analyst Training and Heating Professional Training

Building Performance Institute - Building Analyst Training is being offered at WCCC in Youngwood, PA.

Course schedule: January 14th - January 18th, 2013 from 8:am to 5:pm.

The curriculum will be Saturn Online Training, plus workbooks, classroom and field training. The instructor: Rhett Major would like to get the online portion to all participating students as soon as possible, so they can begin to study the material.

The written test will be given Friday afternoon, with field testing scheduled the following week.

Fees will be $1800 total for the class, books and BPI testing fees. Please send your $900 deposit right away, so the instructor can order the book sets. The balance will be due on the first day of class.

Workforce Investment Board re-imbursements are available to DEAWP member organizations - details will be handled at the class.

Because of the many parallel subjects handled in the BPI Building Analyst and Heating Professional class, Rhett would like to offer them in a concurrent schedule.

The Building Analyst class will run from 8:am to 5:pm all week (Jan.14 - 18), while the Heating Professional class will run 4 evenings in addition to the afternoon sessions that run concurrent to the Building Analyst class(Monday - Thursday, 1:pm - 9:pm, Friday afternoon on-line testing). On-line tests can be taken simultaneously on Friday afternoon. Field reviews/tests will be scheduled the following week.

Concurrent subjects taught in both classes in afternoon sessions (and on-line modules):

Moisture Issues, IAQ Issues, Fire Hazards, Gas Leakage Detection, CAZ Depressurization, Combustion Safety Testing, CO Testing, DHW Issues.

The following will be taught specifically in the evening for the Heating Professional portion at WCCC Furnace Lab, and in the Saturn Online training modules:

Duct Blaster Testing (Total & Exterior), Duct Sealing, Heat Rise/Adjustments, Fan Speeds/Settings, Duct Pressure Issues/ Distribution Problems, Heat Exchanger Inspections, Steady State Efficiency Testing, System Balancing, Total Flow Measuring Strategies, Oil Systems.

Hydronics/ Steam Systems, Controls, Performance, Distribution, Efficiency Strategies, Heat Loss Calculations, Conservation Strategies/ Impact on Sizing, Distribution Issues.

On-line modules also include:

Principles of Combustion, Electrical Systems & Basics, Furnace Electrical Circuits, Furnace Installation and Operations, Duct Systems and Airflow Principles, Duct System/ Airflow Measurement Strategies, Optimizing Furnace Performance.

Heating Professional Fees: 

Classroom and On-line training - $900.

BPI Testing only - $900 ($250 written, $650 fields test).

Training and testing together = $1700 (Market price is $1900 - $2145).

WIB reimbursements are possible as funds become available. 70% reimbursement for DEAWP membership companies will bring the final costs to $510.00.

Please email Rhett Major with any questions, or if you would like to be in the Heating Professional class.