Energy Audits in Pittsburgh

Diagnostic Energy Auditors Association of Western PA - DEAWP, is a regional network of businesses and organizations associated within the Home Performance industry, which develops, trains and promotes best practices related to whole house energy efficient buildings and retrofitting for professionals in the building performance industry.  Our goal is to strengthen our network and our industry by driving business to our members and ensuring their sustained success in the marketplace. 

What is an Energy Audit?

The energy professional's main goals are to increase heating and cooling comfort levels, reduce energy consumption and insure good indoor air quality in the home, with a retrofit package based on the findings of the energy audit.

The following steps briefly describe the procedures for a comprehensive energy audit.

Interview the homeowners about any heating and cooling comfort issues, as well as review customer behavior, and possible environmental health issues. 

Inspect any existing threats to health and safety in the home, such as the possible presence of mold, asbestos, carbon monoxide, and other contaminates.

Test all combustion appliances for safety issues and combustion efficiency.

Determine any existing insulation's effectiveness and locate areas lacking adequate insulation.

Determine existing building's air leakage with the Blower Door Test and find critical air leakage pathways.

Inspect and Test distribution systems for leakage or insulation issues.

Take infrared images of areas of the building to locate insulation and air leakage problems.

Calculate ventilation needs of occupants.

Develop the work scope(s) of energy retrofit package(s) to help the homeowners choose effective solutions tailored to their needs and desires.

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