Case Studies

Comfy House Case Study:

Etna Neighborhood Home

- Project completed by Comfy House through the Re Energize Pittsburgh Healthy Homes Incentive Program.

- Completed Work: Air sealed attic floors and knee walls; installed attic knee wall air barriers; built attic access panel; air sealed and insulated basement rim joists; insulated basement walls; installed bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans; installed chimney balloon.

- Estimated Energy Savings per Year = $1,010

Download the PDF of the full report:

  • Comfy House Case Study Comfy House Case Study (799 KB)

    Charlie's Upper St. Clair Case Study:

    Download the full report:

  • Charlies Upper St. Clair Case Study Charlies Upper St. Clair Case Study (1699 KB)


    Jerry & Charlie's Waynesburg Case Study:

  • Jerry and Charlie's Waynesburg Case Study v2 Jerry and Charlie's Waynesburg Case Study v2 (3231 KB)

  • Download the PDF to see the homeowner's significant energy savings per year.



    Client R. B. is a DIY Homeowner who received a comprehensive energy audit from DEAWP member Jerry Huelsenbeck. R. B. needed some professional assistance and direction for completing energy efficiency upgrades himself. Below is his response to Jerry's consultations:

    "I am writing today to thank you for the whole home audit and the follow up visits. I could not be more appreciative of the work and insight you provided. You went above and beyond what I had expected. You explained things in an easy to understand, informative way that has left me educated and better prepared to make the most out of my home. I have done many of the recommendations you provided and already am seeing a major difference in both my gas and electric consumption. This obviously, in turn, has decreased my budget amounts for both utilities and puts more money in my pocket each month. In addition, my house is more comfortable and efficient.

    I honestly could not believe how thorough and knowledgeable you were with the walk through. You left no stone uncovered. You are a true professional. I now look at my home in a completely different manner as before. I realize that little things can make a big difference in the comfort and energy costs..."


    R. B.


    3 East End Homes' Case Study Report: 

  • 3 E E H C S 3 E E H C S (124449 KB)
  • Feel free to download the above PDF report of these valuable lessons learned from the extensive work that was performed on 3 homes, seen below, in Pittsburgh's East End. 

    Aspinwall Home:

    A Collaboration with Energy Independent Solutions, Alpine Insulation, GreenOverGreen

    Completed Work: Solar PV, Air Sealing, Insulation, Furnace/Duct Work

    Energy Savings After Work Was Completed = 48% energy reduction


    Pittsburgh Home:

    A collaboration with The Energy Doctor and Alpine Insulation

    Completed Work = Air Sealed Attic/Boxed in Recessed Lights/Built Attic Hatch/Blew in Cellulose/Insulated Side Walls/Added a few Windows/Installed Continuous Fan/Installed New Ductwork/Installed Geothermal Heating & Cooling.

    Energy Savings After Work Was Completed = 75% energy reduction.