Healthy Home Checkup Presentation

12-Sep-2016 -

After nearly four years of research, development, and field testing, the Healthy Home Checkup by Healthy Housing Solutions, Inc.® is now available.

The Checkup represents a true value to homeowners and real business opportunity for professionals who routinely assess and work in homes. The Checkup's science - bases assessment protocol and companion software are designed to identify and prioritize home health and safety hazards and deficiencies, and then provide practical repair recommendations, which are contained in an easy-to-read report that homeowners will appreciate.

Healthy Housing Solution' market research suggests that almost 11.6 million American households will pay to have their homes checked for health and safety risks. Homeowners and families can benefit from The Checkup will provide homeowners with the "peace of mind" of a professional assessment to help make their homes healthier and safer.

Jack Anderson, President/CEO of Healthy Housing Solutions in Columbia, Maryland, will deliver a presentation on why residential health and safety resonates with consumers in ways that "green" and "energy efficient" do not. He will also discuss why consumers need healthy home assessments and repairs/upgrades at many points in their lives and during specific housing transactions. Finally, he will provide a live demonstration of the Checkup's assessment protocols and software.